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BREAKING NEW: Website has been published called "johnssite2011.neocities.org" to the internet. Reporters say that it is a very awesome Website. Next time on John News. John's Website!





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About Us!

About us!

Who am I?
I am the creator of this website. My name is John and I think programming is real cool to learn, Its been smooth sailing in coding from here because HTML and CSS are really easy languages to learn, And they especially are very important languages. I have been learning a lot lately and even though I didnt even start long ago I am still good at HTML and CSS. Learning these languages are extremly simple, Sometimes I have trouble in CSS coding but one simple search can fix most of my problems. Nowadays people are making these website languages VERY popular, Have you seen Javascript? Well you can do more things with websites with Javascript though.

Why did you make this?

What was the reason?
The reason why I made this website was because I want to experiment the limits I can go in HTML and CSS. These programming languages are so fun to learn and making this website feels like a whole project which it really is! Creating websites no doubt have bad moments when you dont know how to do this or that but other than that its really fun to learn these type of coding languages, They are important in our society today and I just really like to code in these programming languages. Coding is one of my favorite things to do when I dont know what else to do because it really is fun and can make yourself to something in your free time that is valuable and very fun to code.

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